by Lockhart

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===== Dossier “Do you have the documents we discussed?” A leather glove passes a jumpdrive through a narrow slit in the limousine window. A digitally distorted voice from behind the glass answers. “We’ve transferred a deposit to your account. Full payment upon completion, no sooner. You already know the benefits, and the risks. Don’t contact us again.” The window closes as the limo slips quietly into the shadows.
===== Wiretap $> exec wiretap --mode=virtual --socket=skytower.virt::2020 --proto=wetwareqp --stealth=1 Silent mode activated … Handshake skytower.virt::2020 … Connection Established … Module Telephony Engaged. Module Keylogger Engaged. Module TTY Engaged. … Initialize full duplex stream … Begin wetware sync … NeuralLink Active. $>
===== Flow State Algorithm My fingers dance along the console like a figure skater across a sheet of ice. Rapid keystrokes full of art and intent, pausing only briefly to consider the next set of instructions before muscle memory takes hold once again. This is my desert island.
===== LCD After the fall, what was left of the web became noise. Static. Connected clusters of data nodes, relay points, virtual machines, and artificial intelligences. Bright points of light dotting an empty black void. You can still find the old pathways if you know where to look. But the routes are difficult to trace without the right wetware rig. And to get one of those you need the right currency.
===== Skytower The Skytower. A monolithic data warehouse that dwarfs every node around it. A vast store of information through which flow billions in illicit transactions. It’s true origins and purpose are unknown; It is a fortress, a bastion. Never breached, completely impenetrable. The secrets it contains could be extremely valuable to somebody with enough money, or extremely dangerous in powerful hands. Nobody said this would be easy. But nobody else would be stupid enough to try.
===== Run_Hack() Sometimes corporate espionage requires care and finesse. The right keys to open the right locks, and means to cover your tracks. Other times, all you need is to find a crack and hit it with a really big hammer. Servers, communities, governments, economies… Any system has a critical pillar, a bottleneck, a linchpin that can be exploited. Apply pressure in the right place and they can all topple like a house of cards.
===== Tokyo Slip. Always have an escape route ready in case of detection. It’s easy to jack out, but that won’t protect your realspace shell. When it comes to surviving in realspace, your chances are always better on your home turf. Urban sprawl - like v-space - contains many hidden roads and passages if you can find them. Mapping algorithms can tell you the fastest common route, but they don’t have all the answers.
===== Lightstream There is no greater rush than connecting a feed straight to your synapses and letting your consciousness fly through v-space on a beam of light.
===== Neon Sunrise - Outro I don’t know how long I can run from what I’ve done, but it’s been a fun ride.


Find a safe port, power up your gear, and jack in.

Written on a stripped down 3-piece hardware rig, Cyberp(h)unk is a dark techno automaton that borrows spare parts from across the industrial and electronica spectrums.

Cyberp(h)unk is first full-length album and third release from independent Canadian musician Lockhart.

Dedicated to the memory of Bruce A. Lockhart. Released on his birthday.
Dad would have hated the music, but he would have loved that it came from me.


released March 29, 2020

Written and recorded in Wellington, NZ and Burnaby, BC, CA

Songs and Mixing:
Andrew Lockart -

Eric Oehler @ Submersible Studios

Album Artwork:
Seth Rutledge


all rights reserved



Lockhart Vancouver, British Columbia

Lockhart is an independent electronic musician from Canada, currently residing in Vancouver, BC.

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